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Betty just purchased a Market Street Grille for 20.00 and saved %!

693 mins ago

WILLIAM just purchased a Casa Ramirez Restaurant & Cantina for 10.00 and saved %!

692 mins ago

Half Price Hookups is a reward program for Clear Channel Radio listeners in the Brazos Valley.

On Thursdays at 3:21pm , we introduce another deal that gets you HALF OFF gift certificates good for dining, golf, entertainment and other local businesses.

The featured deal is always on the left.

Scroll down to see other deals still available.

And scroll down a bit further to see a directory of businesses that have participated in Half Price Hookups.

The store is always open for business. But you have to be fast - we are only able to provide limited quantities of gift certificates at these prices and some offers go quickly.

NOTE: All certificates will be mailed to you and usually take 7-10 days

Power Boost Stereo Headset- $29 with Free Shipping

$129.99  $29.00

iGloves touchscreen gloves- $10 with Free Shipping!

$19.99  $10.00

NFL Beaded Bracelet - $20 with FREE Shipping!

$138.00  $20.00

Keychain Breathalyzer - $14 with FREE Shipping!

$39.99  $14.00

Revolution Retro Bracelet - $13 with FREE Shipping!

$95.00  $13.00

Turquoise Retro Bracelet - $14 with FREE Shipping!

$95.00  $14.00

I Love You to the Moon and Back Silver Plated Pendant Charm Necklace - $13 with FREE Shipping!

$95.00  $13.00

Mother Daughter Silver Plated Pendant Necklaces - $13 with FREE Shipping!

$95.00  $13.00

NFL Inspired Team Necklace- $11 with Free Shipping

$20.00  $11.00

NFL Inspired Earrings (Post or Dangle style)- $9.50 with Free Shipping

$20.00  $9.50

NFL Team Inspired Wine Stoppers- $11.50 with Free Shipping

$23.00  $11.50

Hotel And Resort Card Featuring Hilton World Wide- $40 buys $400 in discounts!

$400.00  $40.00

truewhite Advanced Plus Teeth Whitening System for TWO People! - $16 with FREE Shipping!

$228.00  $16.00

Custom Photo Print on 8X6 Stone Slate - $8.99

$34.99  $8.99

Santa's Good List Certificate - $6

$10.00  $6.00